N95 Masks

Manufactured in fully automatic machines and in compliance with procured certification standards of BIS /ISI, USFDA 21 CFR PART 878, CDC –NIOSH 42 CFR PART 84, CE& EN149-2001 etc. Safe, breathable hypo allergenic and high filtration capacity of >95% filtration for protection against bacteria ,virus , germs ,smoke etc (including protection from PM10 , PM 2.5 ,VOL, OZONE, Formal dehyde).

Comfortable to wear with adjustable nose clip and elastic ear-loops with very less pressure to the ears.

Material of manufactured masks is BFE99 Non- woven fabric and melts blown fabric. Tested and proven safe for particulate filtration test as per ASTMF2299 , Bacterial filtration test AJTMF2101, Flammability test 16 CFR10 & AJTMF1862 testing standards also in accordance with globally acceptable standards worldwide.

Available in 5 Different Colours – Red, Light Blue, Grey, White, Yellow

MOQ : 10,000 PIECES

One of the best N95 masks in India

During the coronavirus pandemic, demand for N95 masks has gone up so high and they are quickly becoming commonplace for everyone than surgical masks. Active users have considered N95 masks in India to be one of the best of its types. But, why have N95 masks in India been taking the place of surgical masks? Simply, they are much safer, far better, and breathable hypoallergenic than surgical masks.

What is an N95 mask?

‘N’ in N95 masks stands for “non-oil”. It is the Respirator Rating Letter Class. “Non-oil” meaning that if you have been engaging in a working place where there are no oil-based particulates present, they are the perfect choice for you. 

What does 95 refer to? Masks ending in 95 means that an N95 mask is 95% efficient. N95 mask filters out specks of dust, virus, bacteria, germs, and fumes.

The filtration material used in an N95 mask is non-woven fabric and melt-blown fabric. These fabrics won’t pass particulates of the minimum size of 0.3 microns and also large droplets won’t pass through them, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

Some disposable N95 masks come with a filter (an optional exhalation valve). This valve is aimed to reduce exhalation resistance making it easier to breathe. Furthermore, it also helps in reducing heat build-up. 

What are N95 masks uses?

The N95 mask is a medical-grade mask. It is designed for medical purpose i.e. it is quite familiar with medical health professionals who come in contact with infected patients. But, since it keeps us away from the deadly coronavirus at present when used in human crowded places, it is taking its place in the hearts of many active users due to its high filtration capacity. So, anyone may use this mask except children and people with breathing problems. It is also not recommended to wear while working in sterile conditions. 

It is a safety mask and breathable hypoallergenic. It is designed to achieve a close fit in the face. The edges of the mask form a seal around the nose and mouth preventing virus to enter inside you. It has also been designed to achieve very efficient filtration of airborne particles and liquid contaminating the face.

Filtering facepiece, N95 mask offers more protection against airborne particles than surgical masks or cloth face covers as they are intended to be tight-fitting and can filter both large and small particles, including aerosols,  PM 10, PM 2-5, VOL, ozone, and formaldehyde. 

General N95 masks precautions:

  • N95 masks with filter (exhalation valve) should not be used in sterile conditions. 
  • People with chronic respiratory or cardiac conditions (having difficulty breathing) should first consult with a health care provider before using N95 masks. It is because the N95 mask has edges designed to form a seal around the nose and mouth making them more difficult to breathe.
  • All N95 masks in India are labelled as “single-use” face protectors. If your mask is damaged or if your breathing becomes difficult, replace it with a new one. 
  • They are designed mostly for health care professionals but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is getting popular among common people too. But make sure, your children are not allowed to use them.

Trimegamedicare, a leading N95 masks manufacturer in India, provides you with well-tested and proven safe for particulate testing standards. We have manufactured N95 masks in India in different colours such as red, light blue, grey, white, and yellow, in fully automatic machines. N95 masks manufacturer in India, Trimegamedicare promises to meet your demands for N95 masks and supply them at your ease.

Certifications for Trimega N-95 masks :

Packaging :

Trimega masks are packed in a Box of 10 and 20 respectively . Each mask is packed individually in a pouch and then placed in the box as per the clients requirement. Prices might vary if the packaging is not required by the client.

Trimega +

Trimega+ is our premium quality N-95 mask  approved by BIS / ISI along with other certifications.

Trimega+ masks are packed in a Box of 10 and 20 respectively . Each mask is packed individually in a pouch and then placed in the box as per the clients requirement. Prices might vary if the packaging is not required by the client.

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